The first contact of clients with our office takes place at the reception room. In a pleasant environment you will be attended by our assistant Ivana Huckova, who, in addition to making appointments of the patients, issuing health cards and all necessary documentation, also carries out professional activities such as setting up the basic patient’s anamnesis before the first visit of the specialist.

Further, within the gynaecological-obstetrical office, she is in charge of prenatal counselling, carries out possible applications of injections and laboratory collections.

Ivana Huckova, midwife

Specialisation study: course of surgical technologist at the operating room, course for the nurse in charge. Five years of experience as a ward nurse in the operating theatre and RES department of the II. Gynaecology and Obstetrics clinic of the Charles University in Prague, followed by 10 years´ experience in healthcare in Germany. Ivana speaks German and Russian, she has a passive knowledge of English.

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