Scope of care

The gynaecological-obstetrical office provides a comprehensive care including preventive gynaecological examinations, contraception counselling, care for pregnant women and small gynaecological surgeries.

We put emphasis on the quality of the provided care, both from the professional perspective – with the use of modern technical equipment, and also from the organizational perspective. Our ambition is to offer a high-quality care in a pleasant environment without pointless waiting.

View of gynaecological–obstetrical office

All necessary laboratory collections are carried out within the office, without any need for an extra appointment. In case of acute troubles requiring hospitalization, the GynCare company co-operates with prominent clinics in Prague.

Scope of care within gynaecological check-up

We put a high emphasis on the quality of care and technical equipment of the office. Ultrasound diagnostics (Sonoace X8) with the 3D projection is a matter of course.

  • Within preventive gynaecological examinations in regular intervals we do the colposcopic check-up of cervix with the sampling for cytological analysis
  • We carry out small surgeries
  • We provide contraception counselling

Our offices are equipped by top-class ultrasound device, allowing us to provide you with so called 3D sono with the option of having it recorded on CD. This examination is not covered by Health Insurance. Detailed information about this examination and at the same time an explanation on how to join our Individual Extraordinary Pregnancy Programme shall be provided by your attending physician.