Pregnancy counselling

Dear mother,

  • Congratulations to joyful news, such as expectation of a baby is. Let us at least briefly introduce you the course of care in our Pregnancy Counselling. You were issued a pregnancy card, which shall accompany you within the whole pregnancy period and gradually will be filled in with all results of your examinations. Apart from written notes there shall be also filed printed results, so we recommend you to keep them in the card, as well. Additionally, you will be given a test tube, in which you will bring morning urine samples for each counselling session.
  • In our counselling department you will be taken blood tests for checking-up your blood group and Rh factor, blood count, venereal diseases, later on examination on congenital malformations (according to a decision of your attending physician the examination is carried out either in the 1st trimester or during the period after finishing 15th week of gravidity) and Glycaemic curve. If you breed a cat in your household, kindly asking you to make us aware of this fact, in order to carry out a check-up for toxoplasmosis.
  • During the first trimester, please visit your general practitioner and ask him/her for a short medical report about your actual health condition and also arrange your EKG curve imaging. Moreover, visit your dentist during pregnancy, too.
  • Considering increased number of child-births, some Prague maternity hospitals require expectant mothers to register already in the 14th week of pregnancy and to confirm their decision in the 30th week again.

Birth center

  • You shall be in care of our pregnancy counselling until approximately the 35th week of pregnancy, unless your attending physician decides otherwise.
  • From the 35th week of pregnancy you will be taken care of by a selected maternity hospital. You are allowed to approach this facility with possible troubles immediately occurring after release from hospital into homecare.
  • Please make a check-up appointment with our facility after finishing the puerperium.

Laboratory examination you shall undertake within your pregnancy:

  • Until approx. the 12th week of pregnancy – examination for blood count, blood group and Rh factor, venereal diseases, alternatively toxoplasmosis
  • After finishing the 15th week of pregnancy (based on ultrasound) – blood collection for examination of risks of congenital malformations
  • In the 28th week of pregnancy – examination of Glyacemic curve
  • After the 30th week of pregnancy – is repeated examination identical with point No.1
  • Additional examinations are carried out individually in accordance with the specialist´s decision
  • Mothers with Rh factor negative undergo a control testing of antibodies in the 20th week of pregnancy and in case of positive findings according to instructions of the haematological laboratory

Ultrasound examinations covered by your Health Insurance are carried out in the 15th., 20th. and 30th. week of pregnancy.

Given that our facilities are equipped with cutting edge ultrasound device, we can offer you so called 3D ultrasound with the option of saving the recording on CD. This examination is not covered by Health Insurance. Detailed information about this examination and at the same time an explanation on how to join our Individual Extraordinary Pregnancy Programme shall be provided by your attending physician.

From the 33rd week of pregnancy we execute cardiotocographic examination of the foetus heartbeat depending on the uterine activity.

And what can you expect at the regular check-ups? Indicative examination of urine with a paper strip, blood preasure control and weight control followed by the check-up at the specialist.

We wish you to have a smooth pregnancy without any complications!

Team staff of GynCare company Praha Ltd.