Scope of care

Psychiatric outpatient office of GynCare healthcare facility provides counselling and treatment in the area of psychiatry and psychotherapy.

You are welcome to undergo the examination with or without a recommendation of another doctor. We accept patients from 15 years of age. An entrance interview lasts approximately an hour. We consult mental and somatic condition at the same time. Furthermore you are proposed a relevant treatment (pharmacotherapy, individual psychotherapy, alternatively a combination of both). An important part of the treatment is always an explanation and advice on medication effects and subsequent course of treatment. We prefer pro-client attitude, i.e. we are open to discussions on suggested treatment procedures. Other sessions are held upon mutual agreement in the form of check appointments. We also offer one-off consultation in a crisis situation.

We hereby highlight an individual insight into the client´s life and close co-operation based on dialogue with the client. Confidentiality and discretion is a matter of course. We bring help, support and relief. We deal with entire spectrum of mental disorders, i.e. neurosis, psychosis, psychosomatic problems, addictions, assistance in crisis situations, etc.