Where we are located

GynCare offices are situated in the right wing of the Baroque house in the Sněmovní street No. 11, land-registry No. 172. In 2001, with kind approval of the house owner, Mrs. Elizabeth Lobkowicz, the ground rooms were renovated for the use of a modern medical facility. The house is accessible via the main entrance with historical gate dated from the 2nd half of the 19th century. The entrance to the offices is located inside the gateway on the right.

The windows of the gynaecological-obstetrical office look out on a little park in the Sněmovní Street at the entrance to the Valdštejnské Square; whereas from the psychotherapeutic office you have a nice view of the yard with an interesting building of Baroque carriage halls.

From the house history

The origin of the house dates back as far as the beginning of the 15th century (the first reference dating back to 1407), being a small house then, it changed the owner many times in the course of the 16th century. In 1656 it was bought by a Salzburg archbishop Quidobald, the Duke of Thun, who bequeathed the house to his brother Michal Osvald Thun. At that time the house was described as rather dilapidated, being used as stables and storage of the main Thuns’ Palace.

Written references state that in 1723 the old house was torn down and later (within a wide interval of the years 1726 – 1785) the contemporary building was built. However an asymmetry of the facade indicates that the house was apparently not completely demolished and within the construction in the 18th century some older structures and designs were used.

The facade of the storeyed house has windows with regular band frames and gabled roof is fitted with three newer dormer-windows. The interiors of the right wing, where GynCare health facilities are situated, are covered by original barrel vaults with almost semi-circular cross-sections with five-sided sectors. After 1989 the building was returned to the family of former owners in restitution.